My mouth will contiune to testify of the good and wonderful work done by priest orman on behalf of my Family, when all hope were lost and we are about to lose the thing that matters to us ( OUR BUSINESS/HOME ) my husband borrowed to invest in our business, the plan failed and my husband ran into big debts from Bank and they are ablout to take our home from us and render us homeless, i was cried every night seeking for help but nothing happy, I was on Facebook that fateful night then i came across how priest orman have helped people, i felt reluntant to write to via his WHATSAPP Num on :(+4915758130549)  But i have double thought, then i contacted him, explained everything to him, i told i want to pay off all the debts so that we will be free and have our home back,Priest Orman gave me Lottery Ticket 1.5 Million Dollars number to play, I followed the instructions by Priest Orman, I played the Ticket and to my greatest surprised, I won the 1/5 million lottery Ticket, we paid all our debts to the bank, have our house back, and i will forever be greatful to priest orman for his great work and for bringing happiness back into my home and my life, there are  times in life when you feel like giving up, just know that there is hope laying around the corner. All thanks to Priest orman

My name is Mary Whitcomb from

Fresno California


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