Got saved from my best friend who is trying to destroy my home. marriage and my life

Good morning brother and sisters, my name Elizabeth Kunzel Jana , am from Germany Kronach living in the Ireland Dublin, I am here to make this great testimony of the great and wonderful work this great spell caster did for me, it all started when we decided to accommodate my best friend just for 3 weeks, i never knew she have different agenda, she have an interest in my husband, I trusted her so much that we discuss so much about my Family because i see her as a member of my Family as well, But the reverse was the case, after few days of staying with us, my husband started having issues with me for no reason, my husband will pick on me, get angry easily at anything, mu husband was paying more attention to my best friend, then he started saying he want a divorced from me, I was shocked with his recent development, I cried and ask my best friend why would she do such thing to my Family, she said she have been jealous of me, my family etc, that she love my husband, I went on search for help online, then i came across one Dr Orman spiritual spell home, I narrated my negative odeal to him, he laughed and told me that he knew what is happening on that i don't have any reason to be scared because he will break the spell that was cast on him by my best friend, I trust him, gave him all what he requested for, He told me in the 72 Hours that the spell will be broken and my husband will get back to his sense, To my greatest surprised of my life, I saw my husband coming back to me and ask my best friend to leave our house(Home) that she is a bad friend that want to destroy our happy home. Right now we are happy we are happy as a one and big Happy Family.  If you have any problem related to mine or similar to mine, You can contact him on his whatsapp on +905398102247/+90545-1701862 or look at his blog/website on


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